Is UK Casinos Not on Gamstop?

Gambling commission last year made a decision that UK casinos are not supposed to be on gamstops. However, this is also not true. The Gambling Commission last year made it mandatory for all online gambling, casino, and gambling operators to become members of Gamstop. Any operators or casinos not with gamstop would then have their licenses revoked. They will be forced to leave and find a new place to ply their trade.

So, why do you see gamblers choose casino sites slot games at home instead of in a club lounge? One reason is there is less risk in playing at home as there is less possibility of losing money. When you play in a club lounge the risk of losing is higher than all the players are looking out for a sucker punch. But with slot games the chance of winning is lower than the reels spin faster and the smaller the ball is; hence the possibility of losing is relatively high. This is why some players choose casino games at home where they can retain more of their winnings.

The second reason is because UK casinos are under no obligation to offer gamblers casino facilities where they play. Some operators have entered into an agreement with Gambling Commission to provide customers with a self-ex exclusion scheme whereby they can play at home without having to meet minimum requirements of a minimum specified number of spins per hour. However, the operators are not required to give this service if they don’t want to. The Gambling Commission makes the decision based on customer satisfaction and it doesn’t want operators who opt for a self-exclusion scheme as part of their deal with the Gambling Commission to provide this service.

It is this lack of a legal requirement that makes UK casinos not on gamstop illegal according to law. An operator cannot legally compel a player to join a bonus structure or take a specific bonus amount from him or her if the player has not requested such a bonus. So the legality of a bonus is in question. The players, however, may have to satisfy certain conditions before they qualify for a bonus.

The UK law also forbids operators of UK casinos from using an ‘enrichment’ system in place of the bonus. A key word used in the law is ‘enticement’. Some operators use bingo software with the aim of encouraging players to take advantage of the offers by registering multiple accounts at the online casinos. While some players may be happy to play bingo for money on a frequent basis, others may prefer to play for fun. If a player is unable to meet the minimum requirements of a bingo site, he or she will not be entitled to a casino bonus.

But the ban on casinos on gamstop in UK does not apply to online slots. Online slots are operated according to fair practices and do not exploit the players in any manner. The bonus structure in online slots is very simple and follows certain norms that are not applicable in casinos. In addition to the casinos being not on gamstop online slot players can still take advantage of online slots offering progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots are so large that they are not beyond the reach of most players.